Lightweight and Durable Pallet Solution

Corrugated Pallets


Streamlined Efficiency with Corrugated Pallets

ProtoPack’s corrugated pallets are not only designed to save money and make handling easier but are also 100% recyclable, aligning with eco-friendly practices. Their lightweight yet durable design significantly lowers potential freight costs and enhances workplace safety by eliminating the risks associated with wood pallets, such as splinters, nails, or staples, thus reducing employee injuries. Moreover, these pallets are compliant with ISPM 15 international shipping regulations without needing heat treatment, making them a hassle-free option for global logistics.

ProtoPack’s corrugated pallets are customizable to meet specific needs, including branding, and are compatible with various storage and transport systems. In addition, they can also be incorporated into various POP display designs, thus eliminating wood pallets in clean retail environments. They provide a versatile, safe, and efficient pallet solution.

Corrugated PALLET


Advantages of Corrugated Pallets

100% Recyclable

Safer to Handle

Light Weight

Does Not Require Heat Treatment

Strong Enough to Replace Wood

Potential Freight Savings

Customizable Sizing

Moisture Resistant

Shock Absorbing & Protects Product

Less Chance of Injury

No wood splinters, nails, or staples


Strategic Location Enhancing Corrugated Pallet Distribution

Located in Franklin, Ohio, ProtoPack stands as a prime hub for distributing corrugated pallets, effectively serving key areas including Cincinnati, Dayton, and regions beyond. Our strategic placement is crucial for establishing strong connections with both local and national customers, enhancing the logistics of corrugated pallet delivery. 

This advantageous location ensures fast, reliable service customized to the diverse requirements of our clientele. Leveraging in-depth local insights and comprehensive operational capabilities, ProtoPack is committed to supplying top-notch corrugated pallet solutions. Our dedication means every order, big or small, is handled with utmost care and efficiency, improving your supply chain effectiveness and readiness.


Custom Corrugated Solutions

At ProtoPack, we recognize the diversity of shipping requirements. Our corrugated pallets are fully customizable, offering both standard and custom dimensions to accommodate any product type. Our dedicated team designs pallets that not only ensure your goods are well-protected but also maximize space efficiency and logistics performance.

Innovating Beyond Expectations

Our commitment is to revolutionize your logistics experience, providing solutions that streamline operations and elevate cost-efficiency.


Diverse Industries We Serve

Defense Industrial Base

Our packaging meets the stringent demands of military specifications, ensuring hardware is protected in some of the most challenging conditions as well as enhancing efficiency during parts manufacturing.

Print & Bindery

We are specialists in Handwork, Collating, Kitting and Labelling, filling the gap for print and bindery related, hands-on, labor-intensive project needs.


Eye-catching short to medium production quantity POP displays and packaging that can be easily updated from time to time to meet your needs. elevating retail products on display, creating compelling presentations that attract consumers.

Manufacturing & Industrial

We deliver robust packaging solutions that withstand the rigors of industrial environments, enhancing product protection and handling during or after manufacturing.

Automotive OEM and Aftermarket

Tailored packaging solutions, including hands on vendor managed inventory capability for expendable shipping packs, die cut cartons, inner packing partitions, foam and parts kitting, support the automotive industry.


We provide comprehensive packaging services tailored for the construction industry, specializing in protective solutions for products such as safety equipment and electrical components, ensuring their safe delivery and handling.

Medical and Health Care

We manufacture and assemble packaging that caters to various needs whether it is pharmaceutical, or electronics related, providing a unique solution for high value products and devices.

Aerial Firefighting

We exclusively manufacture, hand assemble, and perform final assembly and packing of corrugated components that are part of an aerial firefighting system used internationally.



Trusted for Dependability in Packaging Solutions

Behind every exceptional product is a story of innovation, and collaboration. At ProtoPack, we understand that your packaging is more than just a container; it’s a reflection of your brand’s commitment to quality and the first touchpoint with your customers. We’re here to translate your vision into tangible results, with a focus on professionalism and a personal touch that sets your product apart.


Embracing Corrugated Pallets

Choosing ProtoPack’s corrugated pallets delivers multiple advantages:

  • Lower Shipping Costs: Their lightweight design significantly cuts down on air, sea, and land freight expenses.
  • Safer Handling: Free from nails and splinters, these pallets reduce workplace injury risks.
  • Sustainability: Constructed from recyclable materials, they align with eco-conscious business practices.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Eliminates the need for heat treatment, simplifying international shipments.

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