Collating, Kitting, Gluing and Assembly Solutions Tailored to Your Needs


Kitting & Assembly for Enhanced Efficiency

In the swift pace of modern manufacturing, saving time directly impacts your bottom line. ProtoPack’s Collating, Kitting and Assembly services are set up to be flexible to meet your needs; enhancing your production efficiency and reducing your overhead costs. Entrusting us with the organization and kitting of your components allows you to concentrate on innovation and business growth.

  • Sorting
  • labeling
  • preparation of components,
  • Small Parts Kitting
  • Barcoded Autobagging
  • Display Assembly
  • Fulfillment
  • Gift Set Assembly
  • Promotional Kitting
  • Presentation Folder Collating

This streamlined approach boosts your operations’ efficiency.


Display & Gift Set Assembly, Promotional Kitting & More


Precision and Personalization in Every Kit

Our Custom Kitting Services offer solutions tailored for any production need, ensuring accurate component counts and timely execution. Our team expertly handles everything from bar coding to special packaging, to scheduling shipping, ensuring seamless supply chain integration.

Key Service Highlights:

  • Precision: Advanced scales for exact component counts.
  • Productivity: Assembly line production boosts efficiency.
  • Dedication: A Project Manager ensures every project, big or small, is expertly guided to completion.

Our Autobagging and Digital Count Verification make our services more flexible. and adaptable to various industries and applications.


Strategic Location Boosting Your Kitting & Assembly Efficiency

Situated in Franklin, Ohio, ProtoPack serves as a central nexus for superior kitting and assembly services, effectively reaching major markets such as Cincinnati, Dayton, and beyond. Our strategic location is pivotal for fostering robust relationships with both local and national clients, optimizing logistics for kitting and assembly operations.

Our prime location ensures fast and reliable service, customized to meet the diverse needs of our customers. By harnessing detailed local knowledge alongside extensive operational capabilities, ProtoPack is dedicated to providing exceptional kitting and assembly solutions. Our commitment ensures each project, regardless of size or scope, receives the highest level of attention, enhancing your business’s efficiency and product readiness.


Building More Than Just Kits

ProtoPack goes beyond kitting to offer valuable Assembly Services, further reducing your workload. With our Assembly Services, we we can organize, collate, pack and ship your orders small or large, streamlining your assembly operations and minimizing handling.

Simplifying Complexity

Our Assembly and Kitting services transform operational complexity into streamlined simplicity, enhancing your production efficiency and reducing costs.


Diverse Industries We Serve

Defense Industrial Base

Our packaging meets the stringent demands of military specifications, ensuring hardware is protected in some of the most challenging conditions as well as enhancing efficiency during parts manufacturing.

Print & Bindery

We are specialists in Handwork, Collating, Kitting and Labelling, filling the gap for print and bindery related, hands-on, labor-intensive project needs.


Eye-catching short to medium production quantity POP displays and packaging that can be easily updated from time to time to meet your needs. elevating retail products on display, creating compelling presentations that attract consumers.

Manufacturing & Industrial

We deliver robust packaging solutions that withstand the rigors of industrial environments, enhancing product protection and handling during or after manufacturing.

Automotive OEM and Aftermarket

Tailored packaging solutions, including hands on vendor managed inventory capability for expendable shipping packs, die cut cartons, inner packing partitions, foam and parts kitting, support the automotive industry.


We provide comprehensive packaging services tailored for the construction industry, specializing in protective solutions for products such as safety equipment and electrical components, ensuring their safe delivery and handling.

Medical and Health Care

We manufacture and assemble packaging that caters to various needs whether it is pharmaceutical, or electronics related, providing a unique solution for high value products and devices.

Aerial Firefighting

We exclusively manufacture, hand assemble, and perform final assembly and packing of corrugated components that are part of an aerial firefighting system used internationally.



Trusted for Dependability in Packaging Solutions

Behind every exceptional product is a story of innovation, and collaboration. At ProtoPack, we understand that your packaging is more than just a container; it’s a reflection of your brand’s commitment to quality and the first touchpoint with your customers. We’re here to translate your vision into tangible results, with a focus on professionalism and a personal touch that sets your product apart.


Why Choose ProtoPack

Choosing ProtoPack for your kitting and assembly needs brings numerous advantages to your operations. Our services are designed to optimize your production process, offering:

  • Reduced Inventory Needs: Minimizing on-hand stock levels while ensuring availability
  • Operational Efficiency: Ensuring all items are available for assembly, eliminating delays
  • Cost Savings: Reducing labor costs and freeing up valuable production time

By integrating our Kitting & Assembly services into your supply chain, you gain a partner committed to enhancing your efficiency and competitive edge. Let ProtoPack handle the details, so you can focus on scaling and innovating within your industry

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